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Screening of "Terramatta," by Costanza Quatriglio



Screening of

With Roberto Nobile, 2012, 75 minutes, in Italian with English subtitles

A symphony of landscapes – old and new, near and far – filmed with the help of electronic music and archives. The story is brought to life by Vincenzo Rabito, an illiterate Sicilian, through a blend of imaginary, musical language – neither Italian nor dialect. A striking storyteller, he recounts Italian twentieth century history through thousands of dictated, tightly written, rope-bound pages, tracing the extremes of a century marked by poverty and economic boom, disgrace and redemption. Rabito gives an impassioned and unique autobiographical perspective on a complicated part of Italian history.

Terramatta is a subjective, on the road kind of film – because he was a road traveller… He went everywhere on foot, and I filmed streets thinking about how he saw them. Long, dusty roads, soft and silent backstreets; an obstinate and solitary pace – just like the tip-tapping of his typewriter. Costanza Quatriglio

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Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Entrance : Free