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Screening of "Operation San Gennaro", directed by Dino Risi 1966, 104 min



Screening of

with Nino Manfredi, Mario Adorf, Harry Guardino, Totò, Senta Berger.

Three American thiefs arrive in Naples with the intention of stealing the treasure of San Gennaro. However the Americans do not know how to skillfully move about in the picturesque town. The customs of the natives are incomprehensible to them. So the thieves, two men and a woman , seek the advice of Don Vincenzo, the celebrated thief, who, even though he is in prison, is treated as if he were at home. Don Vincenzo tells them to seek help from the best there is, a certain Armanduccio Girasole, known as Dudu`. The timeframe is Italy just after the economic boom. and everyone, including Dudu`, is living life to the fullest, setting all seriousness aside. The leader of the American thieves, Jack, finds Dudù's behaviour unacceptable as it becomes impossible to finalize any plans as he is always out enjoying life. Their plans do eventually become set, yet what everyone fails to realize, including Dudu` is that they plan to carry out their heist on the opening night of the San Remo Festival, when all of Naples will be out in the streets celebrating. After repeated adversity and comedic episodes, it is clear that the treasure of San Gennaro will forever remain in the City of Vesuvio.

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Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Entrance : Free