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A Ride West - Live: Valentina Vella



A Ride West - Live: Valentina Vella

A Spaghetti Western Musical Saga "... because why would anyone want to ride a horse to California? Especially a woman. Especially an Italian woman who can't ride very well. Especially an Italian woman who doesn't have a gun." A Ride West - Live is the new iteration of an interdisciplinary project which began in 2012 when Valentina Vella became strangely obsessed with the idea of riding a horse across America. The ride was attempted in the summer 2013 and it culminated in a long video piece which was first presented at the 2014 Interdisciplinary Arts MFA show at Columbia College Chicago. While exploring the same themes - the American West as a repository of dreams and projections, the Hero's Journey as a storytelling device, Jungian theories about the psyche, the heroic stance as an antidote to erotic longing - the work presented at Links Hall complicates the video's narrative and is an opportunity to amplify its performative elements. Presented in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago.For tickets, please click here.


Date: Friday, January 09, 2015

Entrance : Free