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Being Leonardo da Vinci: An Impossible Interview



Being Leonardo da Vinci: An Impossible Interview

Massimo Finazzer Flory returns to Chicago for recites and responds in the language of the time, with projected English texts, on the infancy of the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, his activities in the civil and military fields, as well as how to become a good painter.  The performance touches on the relationship between painting and science, painting and sculpture, as well as painting and music.  He will speak to us about anatomy and psychology.  In addition he will comment on The Last Supper and the figures of the apostles, hinting at Da Vinci’s relationship with religion, while also confronting the theme of water, alluding to the fashion of the time and responding to Da Vinci’s critics.  He will offer prophecies about the flight of man, while dispensing advice for living in our time.  On stage, Finazzer Flory will be accompanied by two ballerinas, who will perform contemporary dance, choreographed by Michela Lucenti and inspired by two of the most celebrated images associated with Leonardo: The Vitruvian Man and The Last Supper.  With an extraordinary display of harmony between space and gesture.  An extremely technical and intense dance will be performed in nearly scientific relation with the anthropomorphic table that Leonardo conceived. Finally, thanks to the generosity of the Fondazione della Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan, high-definition images of the Codex Atlanticus, which is conserved at the Pinacoteca itself, will be projected during the performance. Presented by the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago. 90 minutes with no intermission. A reception will follow. Free and open to the public.Click here to RSVP.


Date: Sunday, March 29, 2015

Entrance : Free