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"Mapping Change", a lecture by Best-Selling Italian Novelist and Architect Gianni Biondillo.



On the occasion of the 1st annual Chicago Biennial, presented in partnership with the Graham Foundation, best-selling Italian novelist and architect Gianni Biondillowill give a lecture on how the practice of psychogeography can be used for helping achitects and citizens alike rediscover their own cities. Psychogeography, which has a long tradition throughout the world, is a multidisciplinary field, which involves different areas of knowledge: sociology, economy, geography, anthropology, city-planning, literature, art, cinema, and philosophy. This unique urbanistic approach offers countless possibilities for reimagining cities all over the world. As part of his lecture, Gianni Biondillo will present the project “Sentieri metropolitani a Milano,” (City Paths in Milan) (, which contains itineraries that are not simply touristic, but that offer a deeper understanding of the city, providing a framework to be used independently or in a group. Tools are available such as an app, a website, printable maps, guidebooks, and meeting places (e.g. libraries). Any city can be reimagined from its center to its peripheries, as a museum of the collective memory, available to everyone. The streets are no longer seen as connections between private spaces, to be crossed in cars, but rather as places of social interaction. Every neighborhood, bourgeois or popular, has equal dignity, and its residents are encouraged to take pride in it. Gianni Biondillo (Milan, 1966) is an architect and writer. He teaches “Elements of psychogeography and narration of the territory” at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio (USI). As an essayist, he has written: Carlo Levi e Elio Vittorini. Scritti di Architettura (1997), Giovanni Michelucci. Brani di città aperti a tutti (1999),Pasolini. Il corpo della città (2001), Metropoli per principianti (2008) and, together with Michele Monina, Tangenziali. Due viandanti ai bordi della città (2010). He published his first novel in 2004. In the past ten years, he has written thrillers, travel writing, erotica, and books for children. He also writes for cinema and television. Free and open to the public.  A reception will follow.



Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015

Entrance : Free