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Beautiful Symmetries: the Platonic Solids, a Webinar by Dr. Daniele Rosso



Beautiful Symmetries: the Platonic Solids, a Webinar by Dr. Daniele Rosso

Beautiful Symmetries: the Platonic Solids, a Webinar by Dr. Daniele Rosso

Wednesday, July 15 at 6pm (CT)


Presented by the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, in collaboration with AIRIcerca

What is symmetry? We all intuitively recognize it when we admire beautiful regular patterns in nature, but symmetry can actually be studied with mathematics!

It turns out that, among all possible three-dimensional solid shapes, only five of them are completely symmetric.

We will see the origin of this story in ancient Greece, where Plato thought that these five solids represented all the elements of the universe.

Dr. Daniele Rosso was born and raised in the Emilia region of Italy. After graduating from the University of Bologna, he moved to the United States in 2007 to pursue a PhD in mathematics at the University of Chicago. As a postdoc, he held academic appointments at the University of Ottawa in Canada and at the University of California Riverside. He is currently an assistant professor of mathematics at Indiana University Northwest and lives in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago with his wife and daughter.

The event is organized in collaboration with AIRIcerca.

AIRIcerca is an association of Italian researchers in the world, created with the aim of promoting networking among Italian researchers that live and work in different countries, in the hopes of creating scientific collaborations and exchanging useful information. Since 2017 AIRIcerca has had a Chicago chapter, which attracts Italian researchers active in the City of Chicago and the surrounding areas.

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Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Time: At 6:00 pm

Organized by : IIC Chicago

In collaboration with : AIRICERCA

Entrance : Free