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Virtual Screenings: Ten Shorts Around the World: Part Two



Virtual Screenings: Ten Shorts Around the World: Part Two

Virtual Screening: Ten Shorts Around the World: Part 2
Presented by the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago
Tuesday, September 29th, at 6pm (Central Time) through Sunday, October 4th at 6pm (Central Time)

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Password: nSzkPm

A colloquio con Rossella (An Interview with Rossella), by Andrea Andolina, 2019, 11 minutes
Based on a story by Gaia Tomassini, already a finalist in 2016 at the Campiello Giovani Prize. It is the story of an elderly woman that the reader learns about through messages left on her answering machine by relatives and friends.

a colloquio con rossella still 1





Amateur, by Simone Bozzelli, 2019, 15 minutes
It's a hot afternoon. Serena helps Christopher study German. He, bored, prefers to film her with his cell phone. She doesn't want to, but he likes it. She makes him laugh, especially when Serena pretends to be a pig. When Christopher laughs she is happy. Through that game, the two get closer and discover an unexpected intimacy.

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Veronica non sa fumare (Veronica Does Not Know How to Smoke), by Chiara Marotta, 2019, 20 minutes
Veronica, seventeen, has spied from afar for a long time, a life different from hers, one that she has chosen for herself. When she finally manages to approach Alessia, she is totally immersed in this new world, which turns out to be the same and at the same time, different from what she imagined.

veronica non sa fumare 4




Quando la banda passò (When the Band Passed), by Maurizio Forcella, 2019, 15 minutes
While the historic band of Atri plays in its usual place in the municipal building, the newly-elected mayor warns them that they will have to leave as the space will soon be used to welcome a ferocious African gorilla. They will also have to pay all the old management fees of the facility. The group, unexpectedly cornered, will only be able to overcome this difficult moment by winning the band competition in the region. Ivan, the famous jazz trumpeter, who recently moved to the city, will have the weight of the competition on his shoulders. Will he be able to convince the stern public of the region with his solo?

frame 2





Manica a vento (Windsock), by Emilia Mazzacurati, 2019, 19 minutes
At the rides in Marina di Cecina, a Tuscan village on the sea, a fearless girl crosses the track of bumper cars. She walks up to a boxing machine and throws a record punch at the punching ball. Ten years have passed and the girl has grown up. Mara now lives in a room of her father's decadent hotel, in the same town by the sea. She can't leave by herself. From the window of her room, at the same time, every day, a Polaroid shot of a windsock on the beach.


Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Entrance : Free