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Corsi for Foreigners


Corsi for Foreigners

Courses on Italian language and culture offered by Italian universities:

Courses in Italian language, culture and various disciplines offered to foreigners

Consult the list of schools, centers, and academies that offer courses in various disciplines aimed primarily at foreign students.
You can research courses by region and/or city, and/or type. In the selection of course types, the options on the menu are deliberately generic.  For example: “Italian Language”, “Design”, “Music” and “Song”. For further options, consult the school's website where you can see all the sub genres of courses offered.
If you research courses on Italian language, visit some websites of centers indicated here that will allow you to distinguish schools that are exclusively devoted to the teaching of Italian as a foreign language, versus thoses that offer language courses in addition to courses in art, fashion, design, cooking, etc....

The level of organization and of the quality of the instruction offered at the schools can be guaranteed if the school obtained approval under the MIUR act (following an inspection by the Ministry of Education, University, and Scientific Research).

Visiting the web site of the schools will verify if they are part of the associations that monitors the quality of services offered and client satisfaction, those are:

at the national level:

  • ASILS (Associazione Scuole di Italiano come Lingua seconda)
  • AIL (Italian Language Academy)
  • Italian in Italy (Associazione Nazionale di Scuole di lingua italiana)

at the international level:

  • FIYTO (Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations)
  • ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organisations)
  • IALC (International Association of Language Centres)
  • TANDEM (International Network of Quality Language Institutes)
  • EAQUALS (The European Association for Quality Language Services)

IHWO (International House World Organisation)

It is important to also know if the schools are recognized by Ente di Formazione (officially accredited) and if they are able to bestow official certification of the Italian language.

For all the schools that don’t have any of these requirements it recommended to check if their website contains clear and precise information on:

  • economic conditions of the courses offered (price, deposit, refund of the deposit in the case of cancellation)
  • place where courses are administered (building, room, infrastructure, facilities)
    details regarding lodging (cost and location)
  • teaching staff (title of courses and curriculum)
  • education materials used/required