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Fotografia Descrizione
Leonardo Campanile, Silvana Mangione, Fred Gardaphe', Tina Cervone e Alessandro Motta
IIC Director, Tina Cervone, and Consul General of Italy Alessandro Motta, at the opening of Silver Treasures. September 15 2009.
Opening of Silver Treasures from San Lorenzo Collection Milan. September 15, 2009.
Riccardo Bianco (musical improviser), Michela Lucenti (dance choreographer), Tina Cervone, Massimiliano Finazzer Flory (Commissioner of Cultural Affairs for the City of Milan, actor, and author), Laura Veronesi (International Relations for the City of Milan)

June 2009
Serata Futurista

A Celebration Dedicated to Futurism

Italian Cultural Institute
Andreas Vogler, Tina Cervone, and Arturo Vittori

March 2009
Concert by Danilo Rea, Art Institute of Chicago

Architecture and Vision opening

Italian Cultural Institute
Danilo Rea, Tina Cervone, Consul General of Italy, Dominic DiFrisco

February 27, 2009
Concert by Danilo Rea, Art Institute of Chicago

Italian Cultural Institute
Futurism: Celebrating Marinetti's Manifesto

May 7, 2009

Professor Enrico Crispolti (right) presents his lecture about the most radical Italian avant-garde movement.

Italian Cultural Institute