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See: Bodycolor. A Lecture about Fashion, Body & Garment



See: Bodycolor. A Lecture about Fashion, Body & Garment

Grace DuVal and Prarna Mansukhani, two graduate students at the School of the Art Institute, will speak about their six-month experience in Italy, the Costume Colloquium IV and the development of their situation specific art installation in Florence in November of last year.  Two American people travel between time and space to Florence with suitcases packed with cemented togetherness.  "These pieces marry memories of the Florentine renaissance and modern design tropism through material and style. White obscures the body's reds. Plaster speaks of the classical form. Contemporary garments heavy with pile, rivets, pleats, nod to fashion. Fashion as 'the way we do things'.  We offer chances for plaster to hold on to the present, take relationship. Railroad spikes reveal these bonds with forceful gestures of American expansionism. We create new form for the ever-changing body form. Neither the artists nor these pieces belong in the before, after or now."  Free and open to the public.  To RSVP, please click here.


Data: Gio 12 Feb 2015

Ingresso : Libero