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Tenores di Neoneli + Orlando Mascia: Cùnsonu Songs and Music from Sardinia



Tenores di Neoneli + Orlando Mascia: Cùnsonu Songs and Music from Sardinia

Sardinia’s canto a tenores tradition is one of the great, untouched vocal practices remaining on earth, with four male voices delivering breathtaking feats of polyphonic song. A lead voice, known as boghe, sings the primary melodic idea using a traditional poetic text, while the rest of the group shapes extraordinary harmonies. The bassu voice sticks to the identical tonality as theboghe, but it only offers accents in a low nasal tone, while the sa contra and mesa oghe sing parts above and below. Together they produce stunning harmonic effects, which, due to natural vibrations in the larynx, convey resonant sounds suggesting far more than three voices--whether it’s a whistling quality thought to evoke the wind blowing across the island or the more guttural, lower-pitching bleating sound emulating the sheep that many Sardinians once herded. The tradition bears similarities to far-away polyphonic traditions in Tuva, Albania, and Tibet. Tenores di Neoneli, formed in 1976 by lead singer Tonino Cau (the only remaining original member), are a distinguished quartet named for their hometown. While they are masters of the discipline, with a precision on par with any ensemble on the island, they’ve also experimented with jazz musicians like Arild Andersen and Paolo Vinaccia, the Cuban singer and songwriter Pablo Milanés, and the Irish musical institution the Chieftains, as well as working with pop arrangements of their own traditional repertoire. Still, the quartet is at its best when it performs a cappella, as it will here, where the dazzling purity of voices and they way singers contribute to an otherworldly timbre.

Country of Origin/Based: Sardinia, Italy


Data: Sab 17 Set 2016

Orario: Alle 20:00

Ingresso : Libero


DePaul University Concert Hall 800 W. Belden Avenu