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Presentation of "Eva Sleeps" by Francesca Melandri



Presentation of

settimana della lingua

On the Occasion of the 16th Annual Italian Language Week in the World,

Bestselling Novelist Francesca Melandri will present

Eva Sleeps (Eva dorme, Mondadori, 2010), published in English by Europa Editions, 2016

Translated by Katherine Gregor

October 24th at 6pm

Italian Cultural Institute - 500 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1450


24ottobre melandri eva sleeps


A bestselling novel in Italy, soon to be a motion picture directed by Edoardo Winspeare, and Elle’s magazine’s book of the year. Eva Sleeps is a sweeping story about family, forgiveness, conflict, and the search for truth. A literary page- turner that will delight fans of Elena Ferrante.

Out of the struggles and conflicts in the border regions of Northern Italy and Austria comes a family story that embodies the history of nations. Eva, a forty-year-old public relations professional based in northern Italy, receives an unexpected message from the deep south. Vito, a man she knew as a child as a friend of her mother’s, is very ill and would like to see her one last time. He is a retired police officer who was stationed in the north during the late 1960s, a period rife with tension, protest and violence. These troubles, however, did not stop the young hapless policeman from falling in love with the “wrong” woman... The beautiful Gerda, accomplished cook, sister of a terrorist, and Eva’s mother. Their affair was a passionate one, but what was the nature of their love? And if he loved her so passionately why did he leave her to return to Calabria? What scars did those years leave on Vito, and on Gerda? It’s time for Eva to find out.

Francesca Melandri is a screenwriter and novelist. She lives in Rome, Italy.Eva Sleeps is her English language debut, and has also been translated into French, German, and Dutch. Her first foray into the world of novels, Eva Sleeps, comes following an illustrious career in screenwriting. Melandri’s awards include the 2010 F. Seminara/Rhegium Julii opera prima prize, the 2010 International Prize Cesare de Lollis, and a Special Prize from the jury of the the 2011 Il Molinello.


There are few Italian novels that so successfully and surprisingly combine broad themes like local and national history, or the relationship between the north and the south, together with the personal dramas linked to family, love, ambition. This is an epic novel!”—Solo Libri

A powerful lyrical fresco in which personal and public histories are intertwined.” —Paola Contardi, jury of Elle’s Best Novel Prize

This is a rich, intimate, and profound story that is carried along by characters who are depicted in all their profundity and humanity.” —Arianna Rita Di Tomasso, jury of Elle’s Best Novel Prize

Presented in collaboration by the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Trade Agency.

Admission is free. RSVP

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Data: Lun 24 Ott 2016

Orario: Alle 18:00

In collaborazione con : Italian Trade Agency

Ingresso : Libero


Italian Cultural Institute - 500 N Michigan Ave, S