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Italian goes to the movies



Italian goes to the movies

Italian goes to the movies

audrey hepburn and gregory peck on vespa in roman holiday trailer

Have you ever noticed people speaking Italian in non-Italian films and wondered why? Italian crops up in all sorts of ways you might expect related to food, opera, Italy's glorious history and some you might not. Come along as we take this journey of discovery through world cinema in search of the Italian language.

During this event short videos will be projected and then analyzed by Dario D'Incerti, who will provide an historical and critical description of the use of Italian language in iternational movies and then will be glad to conduct a Q&A session.

Dario D'Incerti, movie director and consultant, he deals with audiovisual production for institutional and educational use. He also conducts consultancy in the field of cinematography and research on the theme of the relationship between cinema and education. On these topics he has published several articles and is author of two volumes,"Schermi di formazione" (2000) and "Nuovi schermi di formazione" (2007), both edited by Guerini & Associati and written in collaboration with M. Santoro and G. Varchetta. In 2004 he has founded "CINELOGOS Cultural Association", based in Milano.

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Data: Mar 17 Ott 2017

Orario: Dalle 18:00 alle 20:00

Ingresso : Libero


Istituto Italiano di Cultura Chicago