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A conversation with Silvia Camporesi, by Dr. Giovanni Aloi



A conversation with Silvia Camporesi, by Dr. Giovanni Aloi

Photographing Italy: Identity, History, and the Contemporary Landscape
A conversation with Silvia Camporesi, by Dr. Giovanni Aloi

June 15th at 4pm (CT)

courtesy a. galliano

This series of six lectures and dialogues maps crucial moments in the history of Italian photography. We will consider the initial responses to the medium, how photography impacted the emergence of Italian national identity, and the rise of political propaganda. And we’ll explore the recent reconfigurations of Italian landscapes in contemporary art photography as part of a complex and ongoing identity quest — a critical approach with a focus on ethical, political, and environmental issues that has placed Italy at the forefront of international photographic debates.

Silvia Camporesi was born in Forli in 1973. She received her degree in Philosophy. She uses the languages of photography and video to build tales drawn from a mixture of myth, literature, religions, and reality. In recent years, her research has focused on the Italian landscape. Since 2004, her work has been on display at the following solo exhibitions in Italy: Dance dance dance at the MAR of Ravenna in 2007, Planasia at the Reggio Emilia European Photography Festival in 2014, Genius Loci at MAC in Lissone in 2017, and abroad: À perte de vue at the Chambre Blanche in Quebec in 2011; 2112, at Saint James Cavalier of Valletta in 2013, Atlas Italiae exhibited at the Abbaye de Neumünster in Luxembourg in 2015, at the Art Musing in Mumbai in 2017 and at the Desfours Palace in Prague in 2018. She has participated in the following group exhibitions: Italian camera, San Servolo Island, Venice in 2005; Con gli occhi, con la testa, col cuore at the MART in Rovereto in 2012, Italia inside out at Palazzo della Ragione, Milan in 2015, Extraordinary visions at MAXXI in Rome in 2016 and at the Kolkata center in Calcutta in 2019; The Quest of Happiness at the Serlachius Museum in Mantta in Finland. In 2007, she was awarded the Celeste photography prize, while in 2008 and 2010 she was among the finalists for the Talent Prize and the Terna Prize respectively. She won the Francesco Fabbri award for photography in 2013, the Rotary award of Artefiera 2015, the 2016 BNL Award and the Cantica21 Award in 2020. She has published seven books: La Terza Venezia (Trolley, 2012); Journey to Armenia (Notebooks of People of Photography, 2014), Atlas Italiae (Peliti Associati, 2015), The World is Everything that Happens (Danilo Mntanari Editore, 2019), Double Look (Contrasto Books, 2019), Circular View (Skerà, 2020), Domestica (Poscart, 2020). She combines artistic activity with teaching. Her works are present in public and private collections, including: MAXXI, Rome; MART, Rovereto; BNL Group, Milan.

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Data: Mar 15 Giu 2021

Orario: Dalle 16:00 alle 17:00

Organizzato da : Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Chicago

Ingresso : Libero


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