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Artemis Danza - Ombre



Artemis Danza - Ombre

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Artemis Danza - Ombre
Monday, October 18 - Thursday, November 18

artemis ombre

Commemorating the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri's death and on the occasion of the 21st Annual Week of Italian Language in the World, Artemis Danza, an Italian modern dance company founded and directed by Monica Casadei, reinterprets select passages from The Divine Comedy.

In these three short videos, hauntingly titled Ombre (Shadows), the dancers are the protagonists of several choreographic scenes dedicated to the lost souls met by Dante on his infernal journey. Charon, Minos, Francesca da Rimini, Pier Della Vigna, Ulysses, are some of the are characters chosen by Monica Casadei to investigate the human soul and compose a poetic and, at the same time, disturbing picture, in which every archetype of the collective unconscious finds its own carnal and earthly manifestation.
Dissipating, as Dante did, the darkness that surrounds these famous souls and bringing them to light, literally in the spotlight, Monica Casadei follows them along a path of sin, awareness, acceptance and prayer, where the point of arrival is no longer the punishment but the expressive force of the self, in all its fullness and truth.
The soundtrack alternates original music composed by Luca Vianini and pieces of Giuseppe Verdi's sacred music, interspersed with Dante's most famous verses.

The locations of the three videos act as additional protagonists in each short film: from the dark woods of the first segment, to places rich in symbolism such as the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, Dante's tomb and the Mausoleum of Theodoric in Ravenna.

Translations and subtitles kindly provided by Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Washington.

Watch the videos at this link.


Data: Da Lun 18 Ott 2021 a Gio 18 Nov 2021

Organizzato da : Artemis Danza

In collaborazione con : Italian Cultural Institutes of San Francisco, Los

Ingresso : Libero


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