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Fare Cinema

First Italian Cinema Week


“Fare Cinema” (Filmmaking) is an initiative coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and organized by the Italian Cultural Institute, Luce Cinecitta’, and ANICA, to promote the creative genius of the Italian movie industry abroad.


Tue, 22 May, 6 pm

Screening of the docufilm “Where the Clouds Go” (Dove vanno le nuvole) (2016, 75min) and short film “The Interview” (2017, 6min) by Massimo Ferrari

22 maggio

Director Massimo Ferrari and producer Gaia Capurso in attendance!

From Treviso to Riace, passing through Bologna and Padova, this documentary tells the stories and experiences of those who have been brave enough to try to transform fear into opportunities and utopia into reality.

This is a docufilm that travels through Italy and the migration emergency, revealing surprising models of coexistence and a moving humanity.

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maga logodefi

Wed, 23 May, 6 pm

Screening of the docufilm “Andrea Doria. Are the Passengers Saved?” (Andrea Doria: I passeggeri sono salvi?) (2016, 77min) by Luca Guardabascio

25 maggio

Producer Pierette Simpson and photographer Richard Haskin in attendance!

On July 25, 1956, the Italian passenger liner Andrea Doria was broadsided by the ship Stockholm near Nantucket Island. Pierette, a 9-year-old Italian girl emigrating to America with her grandparents, was among the 1660 survivors of the most catastrophic sea collision in peacetime history. For the 60th anniversary, Pierette returns to her native village of Pranzalito to document on film the hidden truth surrounding the tragedy. In- terviews with survivors and naval experts throughout Italy and the U.S. are accompanied by reenactments of Pierette’s departure from her village and her arrival to the New World. Archival footage from the Ansaldo shipyard accompanies the narration by some survivors and naval experts.

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Sat, 26 May, 6pm

Screening of the film “The Ideal City” (La città ideale) (2012, 105min) by Luigi Lo Cascio

26 maggio

Director/Actor in attendance!

Michele Grassadonia is a fervent environmentalist. A long time ago, he moved from Palermo to Siena, his ideal city. He carried out an experiment in his flat for longer than one year: living in full self-sufficiency, without running water or electricity. On a rainy night, Michele gets caught up in a series of confusing and mysterious events. From this moment on, his joyful experience in the ideal city starts to waver.

Luigi Lo Cascio is an Italian actor. He began his career in theater, upon graduating from the National Drama Academy “Silvio D’Amico” in 1992. He won the David di Donatello as best actor for his starring role in “I cento passi” (2000) by Marco Tullio Giordana, the same director of the awarded-winning movie “La meglio gioventù. ” In 2012 Lo Cascio debuted as film director and writer with “La città ideale”.

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Tues, 29 May, 6pm

“Clothes vs Costumes”: A Lecture by Costume Designer Anna Lombardi

29 maggio

Costume Designer Anna Lombardi will illustrate the unique craft of a costume designer by examining the structure and methodology of the work and expertise it entails. As part of this lecture, she will analyze the difference between costumes chosen for a film set in a contemporary time period and one set in the 1950s. Photographs and film clips will be shown from the following films: “Brutti e Cattivi” (2017) by Cosimo Gomez and “Voice From The Stone” (2017) by Eric D. Howell, the costumes for both of which were designed by Anna Lombardi. The reciprocal influence of Fashion and Cinema will be highlighted, as well as the close relationship the costume designer has with the make-up and hair stylists, photographer and director.

Anna Lombardi is a Costume Designer from Rome. She studied Arts and Design at the Fine Arts High School in Via Ripetta and later she graduated with a BA in Fashion Design at Central/Saint Martin’s in London. She has been an assistant to Academy Award winning designers such as Sandy Powell, Alexandra Byrne, Colleen Atwood, Gabriella Pescucci, Janty Yates on movies such as Gangs of New York (M. Scorsese), The Aviator /M. Scorsese) , Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (John Madden, The Borgias (N. Jordan) All The Money in The World (Ridley Scott) and many others.

The event is organized in collaboration with Associazione Italiana Scenografi, Costumisti e Arredatori.

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  • Organizzato da: Istituto Italiano di Cultura
  • In collaborazione con: Chicago International Film Festival